• Overview
    • Think you have what it takes to corral Ranger Ringo’s critters?

      Get it on all the Wild West fun as your child learns number and color recognition while helping Ranger Ringo round up his crazy critters. Five fun-filled activities provide your child to learn the recognition (both sight and sound), counting and sequencing of numbers 1 to 20, as well as color recognition.

      Your child will be awarded badges as she or he moves through 3 levels of learning progress. Your child will also earn Pony Points that can be redeemed for exclusive RangerKidz games and activities. And every RanchKidz app provides FREE MEMBERSHIP to the Round-Up Ranch web site where parents can track and share their child’s educational progress with friends and family.

      AGES 3 to 5

    • The iPhone Mom: RangerKidz Counting Corral

      “My three year old is officially addicted!”

      “This app is easy for kids to play on their own.”

      “A Simple to understand concept with fun graphics and sound effects makes RangerKidz Counting Corral a great interactive learning app for young children.”


      Apps4Kids: RangerKidz Counting Corral - Top Ten App for 2012:

      “Super cool illustrations and animations”

      “Spotless, a must have!”


      AppsonTapp: RangerKidz Counting Corral

      “RangerKidz Counting Corral is an exceptional educational game”

      “Well designed and perfect for children to learn simple math”

      “What makes it stand out from other preschool apps on the market is the ability to allow parents, teachers and caregivers to track and share their child’s progress through the online parent center.”


    • W3 Award: RangerKidz Counting Corral Wins W3 Award for Mobile Education App

      AppsonTapp: RangerKidz Counting Corral - Top 5 Children Math Game for iOS


      Apps4Kids: RangerKidz Counting Corral - Top Ten App for 2012: