• Overview
    • Help roll Amy Armadillo through this fun underground word maze!

      The Steampunk Riders Word Wrangle app takes your child on a wild underground adventure that provides the early literacy building blocks of phonics, word recognition and spelling. The Steampunk Riders Word Wrangle app is our follow-up to the award-winning RangerKidz Counting Corral and is targeted at children 5 to 7.

      The Steampunk Riders Word Wrangle will provide hours of fun and motivation as your child earns badges in three levels of learning adventure. And every app provides FREE MEMBERSHIP to the Steampunk Riders Round-Up Ranch web site where you can reward your child’s progress with free, exclusive games, printables and activities. Membership to the Round-Up Ranch also provides you with the ability to track your child’s educational progress and share it with friends and family.

      AGES 5 to 7


      • Match Written Word to PIcture: Drag or roll Amy Armadillo to find the picture that matches a written word.
      • Rhyming: Help Amy Armadillo to find and rhyme fun picture words in her underground maze.
      • Color Recognition: Help Amy Armadillo match colors to words.
      • Number Matching: Drag or roll Amy Armadillo through her maze to find the numeral that matches a written number.
      • Letter to Picture and Picture to Letter Recognition: Match starting or ending letters with over 60 fun picture words.
      • Missing Letter Recognition: Drag or roll Amy Armadillo through the maze to find the missing letters in the 3, 4 and 5 letter picture words.
      • Early Spelling: The maze is filled with letters and you have to move Amy Armadillo through it to find the ones that spell the 3, 4 and 5 letter picture words.
      • Word Jumble: Help Amy Armadillo match a picture to a scrambled word.
      • Middle Sounds: Learn about middle sounds by finding a vowel that matches the picture, or finding a picture that has the same middle sound as another picture.